Project Coordinator

Polish NGO established in 2011.

Specialized and seeking development in:
– Experiential Learning – as one of the leading methodologies used in non-formal education. The topic include also development/usage of various types of games for education. 
– Cross-sectoral cooperation – the foundation develops contacts and cooperation with various institutions at local, regional and international level. This is related to the organization’s development strategy. 

Project Partner from Poland

Example of beneficiary institution

Youth Cultural Center in Piekary Śląskie is an educational institution for extracurricular activities, which
reports directly to the Ministry of Education and Science.

In our facility, approximately 600 participants develop their talents and passions in 40 different forms of classes, such as:
art, music, dance, handicrafts, modeling, cooking classes, language classes, workshops for children (3-6 years old),
as well as a youth club, scout teams etc.

Project Partner from Slovenia

Povod is a Non Governmental organization that was established in 2009 in Ptuj Slovenia to enhance social
inclusion through civic education, adult education. intercultural learning and mediation between policy makers and
civil society.Throughout the years we developed our work to cover international development cooperation and to
work on the achievement of the millennium goals and the sustainable development goals in Slovenia and

Project Partner from Iceland

FRAE is involved in the project as an expert partner based on experience related to the project orientation. In particular, following previous developments in the field of adult learning, which FRAE has coordinated at national level since 2003, appropriate methods, processes and tools will be disseminated in the partnership as appropriate for the project’s progress. Organization has worked specifically on developing measures related to competence analysis, development of curricula and learning pathways, validation of prior learning and adult guidance on the basis of a service contract with the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture (MESC) since 2003.