“Experiential Learning as Innovative Approach in Education in Public Bodies” benefits from funding of EUR 180,875 received from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA Funds. The aim of the project is to support Out-of-School Education Institutions and their staff.

Project aim: To raise the quality of non-formal education in public bodies through the application of experiential learning methodology as an innovative, inclusive and effective approach.

General idea: To use the opportunity of the international cooperation with experienced partners from Iceland and Slovenia to develop local and regional educational institutions through high-quality intellectual outputs, created jointly with the stakeholders from various educational fields.

Expected impact: To attract Youth Culture Houses and other similar institutions with the innovative, structured way of learning. To give the tools to their teachers, allowing them to create their own, high quality, easy to use, multiplicable educational curricula.

  • Established cooperation with Polish Association
    of Extracurricular Education
  • 25 teachers trained in experiential learning methodology
  • Over 100 Extracurricular Education Institutions reached through the project
  • Over 200 educators and managers directly participate 
    in the project